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There are pros and cons to either leasing or purchasing a commercial printer. The majority of commercial printing machines, also come with additional features including copying, scanning, and faxing. In order to know which option is best for your business needs, it's a good idea to look at the different copier leasing variables involved. Whether you decide to lease or buy, it is recommended to request a maintenance and toner contract is provided. 


Leasing a commercial printer can be done at a low monthly cost. Another benefit of leasing instead of buying a commercial office printer, is the option to lease new equipment after a certain period of time. In addition to having to lease an all-in-one commercial printer, other drawbacks include no ownership and an extended contract.


The pros of purchasing a commercial printer are being able to own it outright, and without an extended obligation to keep the equipment. Some undesirable drawbacks to owning a commercial printer include the high cost of investment and rapid pace at which the equipment becomes outdated.


Now that we've taken a look at the pros and cons of each option, below are some questions you will want to ask yourself.


How long has your company been operating as a business? New businesses are subject to a rigorous credit approval process. If you have been in business for less than three years, then it's likely you'll need to provide a personal guarantee in order to be approved for a lease.  If you do not meet the criteria for credit approval, you may want to consider buying a refurbished and inexpensive printer. You can always upgrade, and lease a new printer once you meet the necessary criteria.


How much do you need to print on a regular basis? If you don't need to print often, then you may save money by purchasing a printer right off the bat. Commercial printers are built to last a long time. Lease terms are often for three or four years, which is why low-volume printing businesses decide to purchase a printer. On the contrary, businesses that rely on regular printing should lease a machine and upgrade at the end of the lease. An office that relies on high-volume printing to stay in business, should lease a commercial printer.


Do you know how much you want to invest in a printer? Large commercial printers are often very expensive. A small business with a limited budget should lease a commercial printer. Most businesses can lease a printer for a couple of hundred dollars per month, and have their printing needs met in the process. Think about it this way:


You can lease a printer that is better quality than you can afford and will handle a higher volume than a commercial printer that costs thousands of dollars.